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My Very Darren Crissmas

Yesterday was eventful.

At around 6am, I woke my brother so we could go to the mall early to claim our tickets. There were so many girls in line already and I'm thankful I have a "bodyguard." It was two hours before the mall opening and the line was already insane.

My mom's friend was there earlier than everyone else though and she got to sign my name on the list of the first 50 people to arrive. I met fellow Starkid fans in line. I was being my usually awkward self (I'm glad I pulled it off) but I'm so happy to meet new people. We talked about Darren and sang AVPM songs while we wait. My brother came back and bought me coffee and donuts from Starbucks.
Then I met the girl in front of me, who is also one of my followers on tumblr. It was great to meet Dani. She's a wonderful person.

Dani and I decided to stick together until the event that afternoon. We hang out for while and we met two other Starkids, Pia and Gege. The four of us ate brunch at Mcdonald's while they talked (I mostly sat, ate and listened. They were like, "You're so quiet!" and I was like, "Err... yeah." I fail at socializing). We bought a huge card for Darren and we wrote on it once we got back to the park. I was a bit lost on words as I wrote, I wanted to tell him so many things: how much he inspired me and lots of people around the world, how I think he's the most amazing person on the planet, etc.

We wrote STARKID on our left arms with black ink and different references from AVPM on our right arms with red ink. I'm the one with "WHAT THE HELL IS A HUFFLEPUFF" on my arm. :)

We met more Starkid fans. I was being the awkward penguin that I am but it's always nice to meet new people who know the lyrics to all your favorite AVPM songs.

We were, once again, the first ones in line. Darren went onstage an hour early before his show for soundcheck and he was surprised to see a lot of people already. He was so sweet to his fans. It's amazing how someone with much success still remains so humble towards everyone.

During the concert, he gushed about how much he truly appreciates Starkid fans, those who knew him before he got popular on Glee. He also kept forgetting lines to his songs, which we all thought was pretty adorable. He sang Granger Danger from AVPM and the Coolest Girl from AVPS.

(By the way, my iPhone sucks big time since I was unable to catch high-quality photos of the event. These pictures are found from tumblr and are taken by fellow Darren Criss fans. I hope it's okay that I used their photos for this blog entry.)

Granger Danger - Darren Criss

The Coolest Girl - Darren Criss

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Darren Criss

Teenage Dream - Darren Criss

He sang a lot more songs. These are from wonderful people on Youtube who decided to upload videos from last night's awesomeness.

I'm so happy I got a signed CD from Darren (it's cute how his signature has a smiley face at the end) and a huge poster of him looking like such a BAMF.

Up until now, I still have major Darren Criss hangover. I can't get over how magical that one night was.

PS. Someday, I'll get my hug from Darren. I hope he liked the card my friends and I gave him and I hope he appreciated the letters we wrote. :)

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