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When we were kids, we used to think we were unstoppable. We used to go at the top of the slide and yell that we’re on the top of the world, play tag until our feet gets tired from all the running, go hide and seek until we run out of places to hide. We used to ride the swing and jump so high, laugh as we both roll on the ground feeling like nothing can touch us. We were infinite.

But then we grew up. Our playground memories turned to dust. We realized that we have limits and we got afraid to push past them. The top of the slide was never the top of the world and if when playing hide and seek we used to hide from our friends, we now hide from our fears. Jumping from the swing won’t make us infinite and when we fall flat on our face, we don’t laugh anymore but cry.

We used to think so highly of ourselves and made plans of our future when we never really had a clue. We used to dream big things, thinking that we have a shot at making them come true, but we never really did. We used to think this would last forever, but it didn’t, since we didn’t really know what forever meant.

So now I lay here on the grass, in the middle of the playground where we used to be. And all I’m thinking is that it’s all gone, they’re all gone, you’re gone. I have nothing.

We were never unstoppable.

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