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My mom and I went to a booksale yesterday where I managed to buy a couple of books. I don't think I would ever give up the smell and feel of the pages for eBooks. Some of the books I bought are Death in the Truffle Wood, Room, White Rabbit, a classic copy of Northanger Abby, and a copy of Jane Eyre.

Besides old books, I’ve also taken a liking to old and online magazines. Old magazines come cheap, usually fourth of the original price, so I’ve got myself old copies of Vogue and Seventeen, which I read on my spare time. I also like digital magazines now, I think it’s because the moving pictures give me some sort of Harry Potter-feel. My recent favorite is Cliche.

Book Review:
Room by Emma Donoghue

I started reading this a couple of days ago but I wasn’t really feeling it so I had to put it down. I decided to give it a chance again and today, I was halfway through it but I simply couldn’t bring myself to finish it. I admire the author for writing a complex story through a child’s point of view, but more than a hundred pages of babyish language was a bit unbearable. It gave me a bit of a headache. Maybe I should give it another chance since it appears a lot of people seem to have liked the book but it's back in my shelf for now.

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