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Rain! I love the rain. It's cold, calm and contemplative. After so many days of intense heat and loud complains, I woke up to raindrops and cool breeze. Yay. I love the serene feeling I get whenever it's raining, it always makes me feel like I should stay in bed, make a nice cup of hot chocolate and read a good book. Today, I opted for a marathon of some of my favorite movies. It was not that much of a productive day, but at least, it was a good one.

Also, my dad finally gave in to my endless pleading of letting me go into fashion school. Sadly, when I finally contacted the administrations office, there was a problem with the scheduling. I was unable to enroll for the semester. :( Hopefully, next time. I'm now looking for some workshops to keep myself busy for the next couple of weeks.

I haven't read new books in the past month and it's quite shameful for me. I've only been rereading. I'm in desperate need of new ones.

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