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Rain, rain, rain.

I miss the sun.

It’s been days of nothing but rain and cold, gloomy weather. The rain hasn’t quite calmed down and it’s reminding me a bit of the terrible typhoon that destroyed almost all of the city two years ago. I'm not a huge lover of the sun, but I do miss it terribly. I miss it gleaming through my curtains every morning. I do not miss the terrible scorching heat, thank goodness we've had enough of that for now, but I really miss warm days. I miss going out of my room and seeing a nice mixture of bright yellow and orange. At least I don’t feel as lazy when the sun is up.

Yesterday, I was woken up by loud music blaring from my neighbor’s house. It has been like that for the past week, it’s infuriating. I was in a terrible mood. Since I had plenty of time to spare and I still didn't know how to tweak some settings from my camera, I decided to download a full online course on photography. I have yet to grasp more advanced concepts but the course I downloaded was very informative. There's so much I've learned and I was so engrossed that I finished ten lessons in one afternoon.

I’m left alone at the house today. I don’t see why everyone weren’t too lazy to leave despite the awful weather we’re having. I’m currently downloading the next lessons for my online photography course and I found this online French dictionary which would become useful, since I’m currently learning a bit of French.

I hope the rain would subside soon. Being home alone at a weather like this isn’t really thrilling.

I hope everyone’s having a lovely day (or a sunny day, if you’re not where I’m from).

PS. Baking class tomorrow! Goodbye, microwave-cooking. At least now I would be able to bake a cake or two to save myself from boredom.

Emma Watson, photographed by Mariano Vivanco, 2011

PSS. JK Rowling’s announcement for Pottermore is in a couple of hours and I’m excited! :) sdhaksjhdsadjh YAY!

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