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Movie Ticket: X-Men First Class

My brothers and I stayed over at my dad's house for the last couple of days. It was a long weekend and I spent most of it just hanging out with my siblings and nephew. Tristan knows how to speak now, though most of the words coming out of his mouth are still gibberish. He's so talkative. It was quite adorable.

We mostly had movie marathons and late night conversations. Beastly, the Hangover II and Red Riding Hood were some of the movies we watched. I thought that the film adaptation of Beastly was better than the book and the Hangover II was a good watch, but it wasn't as funny as the first one. Red Riding Hood was a bit of a bore, even though I liked the setting.
We watched X-Men: First Class last Saturday. I'm honestly not a huge X-Men fan. I love it and I've seen and enjoyed the previous films but I've yet to read the comic books. Nonetheless, I thought this was a great movie. I really loved the backstory about Professor X and Magneto, it gave an insight on why they became the men we knew in the previous films. I also loved the subtle 60's vibe.

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