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I just want to see the floating lanterns gleam

I've Got a Dream from the movie, Tangled is currently stuck in my head.

Our fashion styling classes started two weeks ago and last week was all about brainstorming ideas about how we would style a certain celebrity in a tv show, some performances on a noon-time show, and a magazine editorial. We were given an hour to look around Greenbelt for some pieces that could give us inspiration. :)

What I'm always trying to do nowadays is surrounding myself with things that inspire me, so my head is full of ideas that could be put into work. I get most of my inspiration from everything that interests me; Vogue, Elle, Nylon, Status, travel blogs, fashion blogs and the like. I'm also into classic movies (Audrey Hepburn's movies are my favorite) and Tim Burton's work (Alice in Wonderland is top of the list, of course). One of my recent (and favorite) source of inspiration is Stockholm street style. People from Stockholm are so very stylish. :)

Last Saturday, we had another session with Sir Noel. :) He treated us for a quick lunch at Museum Cafe, while we watched the Furne One fashion show held in the Red Cross Charity Ball last year. Furne One is an incredible designer. His collection blew me away. Every piece was absolutely stunning and mold into perfection; you can tell that so much work was put into every single detail. His pieces remind me most of Alexander McQueen; well-thought, amazingly beautiful and one of a kind. Some of Furne One's clients are Heidi Klum and Katy Perry.

(photos by: Tina Patni)

After watching the show, we went inside the Ayala Museum. I remember going there back in High School, but I wasn't able to enjoy the tour because of the limited time that was given to us. We learned much about how our ancestors dressed up back then. They used gold to design and make their own embellishments for traditions, rituals, etc. The pieces that were displayed in the museum were awe-inspiring and timeless; I can see myself wearing most of them. Aside from the accessories, we also saw some clothes worn back in the Spanish Era. We were tested on how we would style certain pieces to make them look modern and not costume-y in a photoshoot. :)

Me and the girls. :) It was animal print day!

It was a fun session. After the class, I had a quick snack in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Here's an obligatory photo of a guy I saw with jet black hair and glasses. /foreverajamespotterfangirl hehe and my favorites, blueberry bagel with cream cheese, chocolate cake and pasta. Nomnomnom.

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