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Landslide - Glee Cast is currently on repeat.

Last Monday, my talented friend Kisty invited me to go with her in a photoshoot for a friend's makeup portfolio. I had so much fun with these amazing people: Kisty, Cha, Henzel, Sarah, Bea and Mian. :)

Check out Kisty's blog for the photos.

Cha has beautiful statuesque features and I kept telling her how she's perfect for ramp modeling the whole afternoon. She could be a runaway model.

After the shoot, I met up with my mom at Fullybooked, Serendra. Serendra will always be one of my favorite places.

It was my best friend's birthday last Wednesday and the rain was pouring in. Classes were suspended, but my best friend's birthday was not. ;) I had to brave the storm and buy her a cake and go to her house.

Meet Kobe, Mon's adorable dog. :)

I attended a baking class last weekend. My brothers finished the cakes way before I was able to try any of them, but at least before I took them home I got a small piece of the chocolate cake. I wasn't able to try the apple pie, though. :(

I'm really hoping for the rain to stop soon. The bed weather is making me too lazy to be productive. I've also been pleading (crying, whining) to my parents to enroll me in Asian Institute of Fashion's design workshop. *crosses fingers*


  1. aww love the photoshoot you did, and way more fun with friends, such a good way to bond. You are such a good friend. :) And I hope your parents will allow you to enroll. :)

  2. Hi there! :) Thank you so much for commenting. We all had an amazing time in the photoshoot. Everyone was nice and friendly. :) And yeah, I'm still hoping my dad would let me enroll. I'd find out tomorrow, so I'm a bit anxious with his decision.
    :) *hugs*

  3. Really nice pics ! Great to discover your blog !


  4. Aww Cariza. You're super sweet! <3 Thank you for the amazing photos! I hope to see you again (and the others) soon! :D

  5. @cuteredbow: Hi there! :) Thank you so much for stopping by. <3

    @Char: Hee. :") You're welcome! I hope to see you again soon too! Fullybooked!!


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