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Mango Fall/Winter 2011

Last Wednesday, I went to the Mango fashion show with Kisty, Jessa, Dianne and Erika. I had so much fun with these girls! I can't wait to hang out with them again. :)

The dress code for the event was Luxe Grunge. I had a brief fail moment as a fashion styling student; I had absolutely no idea what 'luxe grunge' was! Fortunately, I had time to do a bit of research and after minutes of scouring websites and looking at pictures, I've decided to use Taylor Momsen (and a bit of Effy Stonem) as my peg. I told the bulky, plaid jacket in my closet which I've never used in forever, "It's your time to shine!"

Photos, photos, photos! :)

The girl with flaming red hair whom I envied the most that night. /foreverspazz

It was an incredible night (though, perhaps enchanting is a better word to describe it). Everyone was so nice, easygoing and friendly. I met so many amazing people; one of them was Camille Co and I was so starstrucked. I'm such a huge fan! Kisty had to give me a little push (and some hardcore pulling) so I could approach her. :")

(insert my photo with Camille here which I'm too shy to post since I look like a moth who was sort of attracted to a shiny ray of light)

Many, many thanks to Kisty for bringing me! It was a wonderful, epic night. :)


  1. Cariza! I love your photos -___- Ikaw naaaa! Hahahah :) Love you! :*

  2. Jessaaaaa. ♥ Hahaha. Thanks! Those were only the decent ones I took, though. Laging blur! :( And your photos were great din naman ah. Love you mooore! Hope to hang out with you again soon. :) :)


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