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Smart Net Phone Launch

Welcomed September with a bang! Last week, my friend Kisty invited me to go with her to the Smart Net Phone launch in Republiq, Resorts World. It was an amazing event and the launch was quite a success. Everyone had fun. The bloggers were like having a slumber party; party poppers, sprays, confetti, lollipops and cotton candy galore! We made halos, necklaces and bracelets out of glow sticks. By the end of the program, everyone was dancing the night away.

I had so much fun with these amazing people. This night was incredible. What an awesome way to welcome September. :)

dress from Forever21; belt from Folded&Hung; gold bangle from Celine; Eiffel Tower necklace (though you can't see) from I forgot where; shoes from CMG; bag from Nine West

Kisty, Dianne and I with our glow stick-halos. :) I had such a great time with these girls. Thank you lots to Kisty for bringing me!

Teach Me How to Dougie dance off! The winner gets a free trip to the US. I was rooting for Cornetto Guy, but unfortunately, he lost to the guy in white.

They gave away free phones, trips to Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. All you have to do is tweet or facebook status the hash tag #smartnetphone, so everyone was tweeting/facebooking away.

Everyone wanted to take a smart net phone home. You can stay online 24/7 even with just P1 load. How cool is that? It's the ultimate social networking phone.

Jonver, Dianne and I getting our groove on for one last time before we leave. I went home with crazy strings and confetti stuck still on my shoes, and dance music still on my head. It was such an awesome night with awesome friends.

PS. I've said awesome way too many times in this entry. No regrets.


  1. Awesome. Hihihi. See you again soon!

  2. You're anonymous! Haha. I don't know who you are. :( But yes, see you again soon? Hopefully. :) :)


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