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Today, I’ve thought that writing on my wrists seems like a perfect idea. I need brief reminders, words that inspire me and keep me going, and I need to constantly see them. A quote, a line from a song, words from a book, anything. It may be because I haven’t gotten any sleep earlier and my mind is in such a haze that I’ve been thinking way too much about certain things. I realized that I miss writing so dearly. I miss imagining random conversations in my head, words flowing freely like waterfall, thinking of characters and falling in love with them, writing about adventures that would probably never happen to me.

I should start writing again.


  1. cute blog! i write on my wrist all the time! My current phrase "dont dwell on the past, move forward"

    Glass of Fashion

  2. Thank you, dear! :) And that's a beautiful phrase! I'd keep thought of it in the future.


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