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Life has been amazing to me these past couple of days. My week was quite eventful. I met so many amazing and talented people and I had such a blast with them. :)

On Wednesday, Kisty tagged me along with her in Juice.ph's screening of Bad Teacher. It was a hilarious movie and it's a must-see for those who want a good laugh for two hours.

My friend Kisty won their contest! Huzzah! Jonver and I were so proud of her when they called out her name.

We also went to the Smart Net Phone Launch event in Republiq last Thursday. I'm suddenly reminded that I have yet to blog about this.

This event was surely the highlight of my week. I had a blast with incredible people. (Plus look! I got a free shirt!) I'll blog about it in a different entry. :)

I attended the Meet the Mentors fashion talk in Asian Institute of Fashion with my sister on Saturday. It was amazing to hear from Ms. Lulu Tan and Robi. They gave insights about the fashion industry and advices for those who are considering to pursue fashion as a career. I was very inspired by both of them.

Manny Marquez, the winner of Project Runway Phil. Season 2 was also there. I will never forget his speech about small victories. My sister is such a huge fan of him.

My sister and I had a quick break in Starbucks before my fashion styling class. (This is an obligatory photo of my food.)

For our fashion styling class, Sir Noel asked us to meet him in the lobby lounge of Shangri-la Hotel. What I love most about our classes is that we always learn and experience something new in every session. We learned all about celebrity styling on our session that day.

KC Concepcion and Billy Crawford were Sir's clients for an event which would happen later that evening. He discussed with us their complete looks for the Star Magic Ball, an event for local celebrities here. I absolutely loved the choices for KC's gown, which were both by Designer Ezra (he's stationed in Dubai). Sadly, we were unable to take a photo with Ezra when we met him. He's so fabulous and really, the gowns he made were stunning. I absolutely loved both gowns, but in the end, KC chose to wear the white one. :)

We had a quick dessert break in Lusso after Sir pulled out some dresses for KC, which she would wear in The Buzz. The Strawberry Parfait was heavenly.

Before going to Manila Peninsula, we dropped by Noel Crisostomo's designer house. His creations are amazing. He was so nice, too! He told us that we get discounts when we buy clothes from him. I have to take a note of it, though my wallet doesn't quite agree with me.

Some photos of his show in Singapore when he showcased his collection.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week! :)

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