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Behind the Scenes: Spectrum

Last week, my good friend Charlene invited me to be her stylist for a photoshoot. At first, I was a bit anxious about making everything work well since it was my first time to style someone for a shoot. The perfectionist in my head kept nagging me about things that could go wrong. I'm glad working with Char and Jash was such a breeze and I'm really thankful that it was a perfect day. Yay for small successes and great people to spend happy afternoons with.

(things all over the place; me curling Char's hair with my magic wand *iron*)

Char was a bigger version of me that day, haha.

Ice cream break!! :) Yelled like a five year old girl when manong icecream man passed by. No shame.

Found yet another mirror that I spazzed over while they were doing the actual shoot. I adore the gold frame.
This mirror strangely reminds me of the one from Snow White, which I thought was cool.

/lol ignore me, I'm imitating the sheep

Laid out almost everything that I brought with me (minus clothes). :3

Ending the photo spam with some Photobooth photos :)

PS. Shout out to Kisty! :( Shoots feel so incomplete without you. :(
PSS. Forgot to write something on my wrist that day, but it's alright. The day was full of bliss.
PSSS. As evident from the title, my Ceremonials-obsession days aren't quite over yet.

I can't believe it's almost December! Why is this year so fast? :\ Is everybody stoked for Christmas? I have mixed feelings about wanting and not wanting for this year to be over.

Have a great week, everyone. I hope your days aren't quite stressful.


  1. I know right, the year has flown by. And great photos :)

    super lovely blog :)



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