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Sunday is family day :)

We all live separately so it's a bit of a rare occasion for us to spend a day all together like this. Sunday was a day like no other, only I got to spend it with family. :) My sister treated all of us to dinner in celebration of her first paycheck. I was supposed to attend the Merge Fashion show event in the Podium with Charlene and Tatie afterwards, but then Char texted that she won't be going. I ended up bonding with my siblings, joking around, munching on my favorite food (pizza, pasta, barbecue ribs, ice cream, it goes on), fooling around with my baby nephew (who by the way, is he most adorable yet also the most playful child alive), and of course, shopping. Well, not so much anyway, since I tried so hard to fight my shopping impulses. Evidently, it was a great afternoon. :)

Yay, food! but there's not much food at all : A Photo Diary (loljk) by Cariza

My baby nephew enjoying his Starbucks frappucino :3

PS. Also received good news when I woke up from my power nap! Yay! So thankful. :")
PSS. The trailer for Hunger Games is finally out. I couldn't possibly understand the hype about it as I have yet to read it (one of my wonderful friends have claimed to revoke our friendship if I don't start to very soon) but it looks promising. I'll give the series a try as soon as I'm done with The Book Thief, which I currently adore so much to be honest. It's a beautiful read.

Have a lovely week everyone! :) <3


  1. CARIZA! first of all, I love your pictures ♥ and your nephew is so cute! <3 and I want a starbucks in my town so badly :(

    but most importantly: READ THE HUNGER GAMES! SUCH A GOOOOOOOD BOOK!!!!! and the trailer is so great!! it looks just like it is described in the book!!!
    read it!!!! NOW! GO!
    haha <3 XD

  2. Ah, I love seeing these family bonding moments in blogs. It feels so nice to read this in yours. ;)

    PS: I live in a rock, what is this Hunger games you speak of? Haha.

    Join my first blog giveaway! :)

    x Limechartreuse

  3. @Conney: Hello! :) Thank you so much, darling. ♥ I have read the Hunger Games already!! I finished the first book and Catching Fire the other day. I was so absorbed in it and I couldn't take the cliffhanger so I basically went like, "Who needs sleep? Let me read the second book now!" and there you go. I was just out of a conversation with a friend of mine about THG, actually, and she persuaded me to read Mockingjay immediately so it's what I'm doing now. /carizahasnolifeoutsideofbooks And THE TRAILER!!! I spazz over it (mainly Peeta) every time. Peeta is my love forever and we shall get married and live happily with a never ending supply of bread. <3

  4. @Thea: We rarely have family bonding moments, so the feeling of blogging about it also feels nice. :) <3 And omg, my dearest, it's time to come out of the rock and learn about this thing that we have, it's called Google! Hahaha. <3


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