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Some things that I learned this year:
  • It is better to lose an argument than to lose a friend.
  • Waiting for something to happen is a waste of time.
  • A little positivity goes a long way.
  • When in doubt, write.
  • When in doubt, read.
  • There is always room for change.
  • There are always people willing to help you and understand you, even when you think you're alone.
  • Beauty is found even in the simplest things.
  • Happiness is contagious.
  • A cup of coffee is a life saver.
  • There is no such thing as ordinary, if you make life extraordinary.
  • Dream big.

This is a letter to my future self. It is kept in a box filled with hopes and dreams, snapshots and memories of 2011, which I would open next year. I have no resolutions for 2012, as I usually don't keep them anyway. I can only hope that it would be wonderful to me, like 2011 was.

Happy New Year, everyone! :)


Thank you for sending love ♥ :)