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The world is full of mistakes. It is full of dreams, shattered illusions, and broken promises. It is full of regrets and forgotten days, lost souls and dusts of what used to be’s. We all yearn to escape our reality, to be in a place where our hearts would feel like we belong. We waste our days dreaming of what could’ve been, stranded in a hollow past: wondering, wishing, waiting. They say the world could only move on with its mistakes and so should we; the dreams, illusions, and promises of tomorrow would only fade away into the setting sky. Yet here I lie, staring at nothing, hoping for the winds to take me to a place where I belong.


  1. This is very lovely. Both the pictures and the text. I recognize myself in what you wrote!

  2. Thank you so much, Ceci. :) <3 I'm so glad you liked my writing!


Thank you for sending love ♥ :)