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Sparkle Couture

My sister asked me to 'model' for her online shop, Sparkle Couture, a couple of days ago. It was a fun shoot, though it's evident that I have to learn how to pose in front of a camera. I apologize for being such an awkward potato.

It would mean so much if you could visit my sister's lovely shop. You could also hype my looks on lookbook. Yay! :)

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shoes from Shop Dainty, satchel bag from Studio Boheme


  1. Love it! The photos are so nice! I don't think you look awkward, you are very natural!

  2. Yess naman! Eto na, ipost na yan sa LB at makapag-hype na ako ng bago! :D you so pretty, dear! :*

  3. You're so cute bb! You should totes model for my shop soon! <3

  4. @Ceci - Thank you so much! <3 If you saw my other photos, you'd know how awkward I was. Haha. :)
    @Thea - Uploading them, boss! ;p I miss you.
    @Chai - Eeeep, I'd love to have a photoshoot with you! <3 Let's have that deer-shoot thing pushed through. :) :)

  5. You didn't tell me you used Shop Dainty shoes! :P Will feature you at the store soon ;)

    :) Erika




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