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A day in the life

My letters to people project has been dreadfully abandoned as I haven’t found time to invest any effort in it at all. I still want to pursue with the said project, only it’s taking me some time to go through with it. I was inspired to get started though when my good friend Kisty sent me this lovely postcard from Singapore. I’ve already listed some people I wanted to write letters and send packages to; I just need to write the actual letters.

To say that life has been uneventful for me in the past weeks may be an understatement; I’ve had small adventures here and there (which I will blog about soon), but most of my days were spent at home, rereading Haruki Murakami novels, burying my face in food, having intense marathons of Vampire Diaries, Once Upon a Time, and New Girl. I am also desperately in love with We'll Take Manhattan and Birdsong, and I've been endlessly tormenting myself by having reruns of both everyday. For that, I am sorry. I honestly have nothing interesting to blog about which is quite a pity, I know I need to update Dear Padfoot as much as I can.

Hope your lives are way more fascinating than mine as of the moment.

Highlights of February (so far):
*Pre-Valentine’s Date with blog friends <3
*Showtime with blog friends
*my younger brother being the best brother ever
*that episode of New Girl
*Small family dinner with relatives from the US whom I haven't seen in forever
*beautiful Naruto fanfiction which I just discovered
*TLAT (favorite Marauder-era fanfiction ever) update! Hohoho *cheer*

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