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I've been slowly losing track of time lately. Most of my days are dull and repetitive, and as much as I want to sit and jot down words seeping through my mind all day, I couldn't. I seem to have lost focus on reality; my mind wanders off quite more often than it should have. This is bad, obviously, but it makes my days a bit bearable.

Anyway, meet my new puppy Pancakes, who is a big fluffy ball of adorableness. She is a gift from my mom, so I don't always have to be alone all the time. To say that she is one playful puppy is an understatement, she enjoys tormenting me in wee hours of the morning for quick runs and catch and loud barks and whatnot. I couldn't remember what "decent good night's sleep" was like. This would be okay if I could actually catch up on my sleep during the day but no. Also, we've ran out of coffee, so I'm practically brain dead without my daily dose of caffeine. I love this furball nonetheless. My brothers come up with the most ridiculous nicknames for her ("guinea pig", "planking baby hamster", "fluffy") and I secretly think Pancakes is taking revenge by sleeping on their beds. I also think that Pancakes is a kitten disguised as a dog, since her favorite toy is this little ball with bells and she plays with it like how a kitten plays with a ball of yarn.

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  1. I want a puppy too. :( Too bad I can't have one here because my place is small and no one will take care of her if I go to school. Sadly, I can't also bring her to places since the bus and MRT don't allow one. But I really want one. :(



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