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Hello, Joe Jonas :)

Joe Jonas came to Manila last Friday. My fellow intern Carissa and I were tasked to cover his first show in Trinoma (yay!) for Style Origin, so we decided to meet up early and go to the venue together. Carissa took photos of the event, while I was doing the live tweeting. I thought I could go around and take photos of the fans and their signs, however the girl from Trinoma said I wasn't allowed to leave my seat. :( Anyway, I was in a bit of a hurry that afternoon since I'll be attending the Oxygen show for PFW afterwards. Thank goodness I was able to hail the MRT (in heels!) to get to SMX in the quickest way as possible. Even though my feet were ready to die by the time I got there, I kept thinking 'You got to see Joe Jonas up close! Remember how much you adored him on Camp Rock', so there were no regrets, just burning up love... and aching feet.

Trinoma was packed with the most loyal and avid fans: witty signs, screaming girls, Joe Jonas posters and shirts were everywhere. I remember the time when Darren Criss came to Manila (lol I was the same fangirl). Nevertheless, it seemed like his fans had a really good time. It was a memorable event for them, after all. Joe sang three songs, "Just In Love", "Loveslayer" and "See No More", girls were singing (screaming) the lyrics, waving up their hands and dancing. After his little concert he sat down with the gorgeous Chesca Litton to talk about his life and career. It surprised me how much he's passionate about charities! Girls everywhere were swooning over his charm. He also stated he didn't expect the crowd to be so big and it was overwhelming; he kept thanking everybody who came, which I thought was so nice of him. :)


  See more photos here :)

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