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let love in.

May 16, 2012

Last night, I have read my friend Jonver’s post on his blog about Manny Pacquiao. I’m sure most of you may have already heard about international boxer’s rebuttal regarding Obama’s stand for gay marriage. I rarely post any of my opinions, in fact, I don’t think I have any post like this on my blog, but this issue is rather a sensitive topic to me.

I am aware of the reality that not everyone has the same opinions on the matter. This saddens me everyday, knowing that someone believes being a child of God means prejudice, hating on people for being who they are which they have no control of, taking away their rights and keeping them from being happy, or even, as Manny quoted, put them to their deaths. Keep in mind that not everyone also has the same beliefs, that not all of us believe in the same god or in a god, and that strongly affects our views too.

First and foremost, I am not the biggest fan of the said boxer, nor do I watch or am a fan of boxing. However, I do commend Pacquiao for bringing so much pride in our country. I am proud of him, of his achievements, of how far he has come. I may disagree with him at what he said, however I am not trying to bring him down by doing so. I saw some tweets from people saying we shouldn’t be too hard on him, because he’s merely a man stating an opinion, but with all respect I’d like to say that what he voiced out wasn’t just an opinion; for me, it came out as a statement filled with hate. The way he said gays should be put to death, how a man being with another man is a sin, the way he quoted the words from the Bible, it was enough to know that it’s what he firmly believes in. It’s what he was taught growing up, and I’m just sitting here thinking that some people are teaching this to their children too. This is not just an opinion coming from a person, it’s something coming from a public figure, from someone with worldwide influence, and that includes all the things he preaches. People look up to this man, whether or not they think he’s the brightest bulb in the country. Sadly, I have seen some tweets from people who agreed with what he said, and quoted even more verses from Leviticus to his defense.

I will admit that I am not the best Christian there is. I am not perfect, I have done some things that I am not proud of. I may have read the Bible a few times, but I know not to take every single word of it literally and apply it as a rule book for what I do in life. I don’t want to use my religion as justification for hate towards people who don’t deserve it. I believe in God, and I also believe that He loves his children--all of them--equally. Both of my parents come from strong Catholic backgrounds and growing up, they taught me the most important thing---God loves everyone unconditionally.

This issue is something that we see everyday, yet only a few are taking a stand about it. Most want to turn the other cheek and be blissfully unaware. Most will firmly state that they are against same sex marriage, because it destroys the “sanctity” of it, because it is not right. But not everybody has the same beliefs, not everybody are in the same religion. Who are we to dictate other people’s happiness? Who are we to dictate what is right or wrong? Who are we to say that love is a sin, that their happiness is a crime, that for two people who love each other endlessly and want to spend their lives together in matrimony is not right? Who are we to say that it is not right for people to be themselves, that they should lie to the world, that they should be unhappy? We are not in this world to judge, to spread hate, to dictate others of what they should be and what they should do with their lives.

To those who are going to ask if I am a lesbian, no I am not, but I think I don’t have to be in order for me to love and support the LGBT community and fight with them for their rights. To those saying this isn’t a big deal, I respectfully disagree, because it IS a big deal. People are being hated on, people are being bullied, people are trying to kill themselves, people are hurting, people are thinking it's not okay for them to be themselves, people are saying they shouldn't marry the ones they love, people’s rights are being taken away from them everyday; it’s a sad reality that not everyone is aware of and wants to acknowledge. So no, I won’t sit back and let one public figure’s opinion slide, because what he said matters, what he said could heavily influence a lot of people. I won’t sit back and calm down, nor won’t I respect his opinion because frankly, I think it's wrong. Please don't get me wrong, because I do respect his faith, I just think that he should've been more careful with what he said. I also respect that he’s a person, and that if, someday, he’d become a bit more open minded, he’ll change his views on what being a good Christian really is. No, I will not shut up about this until all rights are equal, until everybody is free to love and marry whomever they please, until the world is a better and safer place for everyone. I will not stop fighting, I will not stop supporting the LGBT community, because when I grow up, I want my children to be in a world where they could be whoever they want to be without being judged, hated, or prejudiced.

Spread the word, spread the love. Use the hashtags #letlovein and #loveislouder. Read this heartwarming story about a Christian hugging a gay man, open up your hearts, watch the videos below, read more stories (An Open LetterWhat I Meant To Say Was), be inspired, take action. Let love in.

Lots of love,

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May 17, 2012

I want to say that I only found out about the article regarding Manny denying the Leviticus quote after I've written this. I also want to clarify that Manny is not the subject of my post, he never was. It was never my intention to judge or bring him down; I only wanted to talk about the issue of gay rights and equality, and this news about him is what recently brought it up in our country, so that's how I began my post:  that his public statement against gay marriage, whether or not it is only his opinion, spurred a lot of agreements on his side and propagated hate, which he probably never thought would be a consequence of what he said. He may not have said the Leviticus quote specifically, according to the news anyway, but I honestly still don't think that's justifiable for his views on human rights. I, however, don't want to judge him from it, because it's his religious views. And again (as I've mentioned), I may not respect his opinion about gay marriage, but I respect that someday, he could become more open minded about his views in rights and equality, and that religion and law are two separate things.


  1. I wish more and more people think like you! Thank you from me and all my sisters!

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  3. Get your facts straight. He didn't even quote Leviticus. Now who's too judgmental? And if you can't respect Pacquiao for his opinion, why should yours be respected then?

  4. @Bett:
    I... think you missed the whole point of the post, but anyway, to be truthful, I only found out about the article saying he denied the Leviticus quote way after I posted this. If it appeared like I was trying to judge him for what he said, I apologize, because that wasn't my intention while writing this. I wasn't attacking him; I wanted to talk about the issue of gay rights. This news about him is what recently brought it up. Also, if it wasn't clear, I've said that I hope someday he'd become more open minded, and change his views about human rights and equality. I'm not trying to attack him, and again, I apologize if it seemed like I was.

  5. BEING FAMOUS IS TANTAMOUNT TO HAVING POWER, CONTROL AND INFLUENCE. It is a gift and with it comes an enormous sense of responsibility. So why would our thoughts matter? But people like Kahlil Gibran, Dalai Lama, or even Oprah or Ellen who are all peace advocates make use of all media tools to advocate equality, harmony and peace, love for all regardless of beliefs, race or religion. Hence, people that are looked up to esp by the youth should be extra careful. The public is watching!

  6. i guess the world should give equal treatment to these kind of people. i love the gay lesbian community! <3



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