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we had dreams together
and hope and love,
but now you’re gone
and i am nothing
and i shall remain like this;
maybe if
i tried harder
i was better
i could’ve saved you from your
but i wasn’t
and somehow i knew
that you were better off
without me

i dreamt of the days
filled with laughter and bliss,
and of afternoons when
nothing else mattered
it’s quite funny to think
we both ended up like this:
washed up, fragile, torn
and all i could think of to say
to you is
i never thought those afternoons
were ones i’d really miss

that’s the beauty of life
everybody is tragic
from bleeding wrists, to dry tears
from broken hearts
and endless wishes,
shattered hopes and hollow echoes,
of the haunting past,
of the frightening future.
we are both flawed, you and i
to the strips of our bones
and so that’s what we both want
i think,
someone to save us
from ourselves

i am not like you

you knew how much
this meant to me,
i shouldn’t have believed
you cared.
so thank you for
stealing something
that was
never yours to begin with.

i knew you once, a long time ago
we met in the realm of
lost bobby pins and fallen wings,
fallen hopes and despair,
a small oblivion of broken things.
we traveled the world
through maps and open seas,
we watched stars fall,
and shared kisses and dreams.
i couldn’t help,
but find myself
in love with you
in so many ways.
even in the fact
that you are not real

the worn out pages of
what used to be
are hidden
in the loneliest, emptiest corners
of my soul.
i felt like i should say something
as i watch it all fall down.
but i’ve already seen this coming,
and so
i did nothing.

maybe you should write
and get lost in your words,
every once in a while.
maybe you should sing
and find your own melody,
or hide behind the masks
you’ve created for so long.
maybe you should jump
and fly.
go some place new,
somewhere nice, somewhere blue.
or perhaps you should dream
and dream you shall forever,
so close your eyes
and breathe,
and seek your ever after.


  1. I like the photos. Inspired. I can't wait till the weather gets better in the UK to have a picnic :))

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC -FACEBOOK and BLOGLOVIN?



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