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Oxygen Holiday 2012

I would definitely go on a massive shopping haul in Oxygen once this collection is out, specifically, the nautical ones. Ignoring the silent cries of my (soon to be empty) wallet, Oxygen did not disappoint me with its take on the holiday trend. It seemed like the brand took a breather out of its usual androgynous side and settled for a more fresh, trendier look, while at the same time keeping the feel that makes it… Oxygen. Most of the outfits that were showcased on the runway was definitely something that I would wear: the splashes of red that broke the monotonous display of outfits, slight lean unto reds, blues, tangerines, details, prints, surprising cuts and drapes and (my very favorite) colored tights! I also have my eye on the galaxy skirt that Danica wore (aah, galaxy prints. The trend to look out for). Nevertheless, I thought Oxygen didn't fail to put on a good show.


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