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Style Origin Men's Week (ATC): Regine Dulay, James Reyes, Rhett Eala

Last weekend, designers Rhett Eala, James Reyes and Regine Dulay presented their collections for Style Origin Men's Week. Brands like A/X, Rustan's and Tieline showed some pieces from their latest collections as well. Regine’s ensembles comprised of different textures--sheer to dyed jackets, hoods, shawls and leggings. James Reyes presented a monochromatic theme of clothes, from hoods, scarves, sweatshirts, to black straw hats. My absolute favorite is the one-piece suit, which I thought makes an effortless bold statement. Rhett Eala’s clothes were playful yet so elegant, in different touches of sequins, embellishments, and paint. Blazers laced with sequins, a polo with embellished collars, hand painted suits, pleated skirts (who says men can’t rock them?) and hats. We have such great designers in the country, yes? They never cease to amaze me.


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In addition, Star Style Picks has now officially started. Tell us about your personal style and tweet a photo of your most stylish outfit. The best photo wins prizes! :)

Okay, so commuting home from Alabang Town Center was a bit of an adventure for me, and I was dead knackered once I got home that I was ready to pass out on my bed (or floor, whichever was closer). Still, the experience, though something that I wish would never happen to me again, was enlightening. Never again will I go somewhere without knowing my way out (Zombieland Rule #22: When in doubt, know your way out. How could I forget?). My heart (and wallet) weeped silently as I paid my cab fare once I got to Makati, and that was just that, I still had to ride a bus going to Ortigas, and then another cab for me to get home. I'm really thankful I got home safely. 

Shout out to my fellow intern Carissa who I wish was with me. Covering events alone isn’t cakewalk. :( 

And I'm ending this rather long post with a good night sleep in preparation for the week ahead. One thing’s for certain---Fashion Week is here. As everyone (me) squirms for invites to the best shows in town and raids out closets and shoe racks to plan their best outfits, whether you breathe and live for fashion, you can definitely feel in your hearts that the industry is alive. What I love most about this week, aside from well known artists (!!!) coming to celebrate fashion and the arts, is the showcase of incredible and promising talent our country has in regards to fashion. Are you guys excited? Which shows are you going to? I may see you this week! :)

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