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Style Origin (TriNoma), Men's Week: Norman Noriega x OS, M Barretto

Watching fashion shows and spending evenings with friends are always relieving to me, and last Saturday was certainly, to quote my friend Mon’s words, a breath of fresh air. Norman Noriega and M Barretto showcased their collections for Style Origin, and both amazed me with their pieces. I specifically love the OS accessories touch on Norman’s clothes, which consisted of drapes, hoods, oversized tops on shades of black, white and gray. M Barretto’s series of polos, vests, jackets, and hoods, though mostly monochromatic, also surprised us with a few checkered pieces. Both of my brothers would definitely love and wear his clothes.

Untitled Untitled 
IMG_5778 IMG_5790
IMG_5786 Designer Norman Noriega

The black leather jacket is definitely something that even I would wear!

Designer M Barretto 

Nixon Marquez was supposed to show his collection that evening, however, Nio told us backstage that he was out of the country. We were tad disappointed, especially since one of my friends is a huge fan of his work and was looking forward to his collection. Hopefully, we’ll see it soon though.

Style Origin is coming to Marquee Mall in Pampanga this Saturday! It's another weekend haven of fashion, music and much more. Hope to see you guys there. :)

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