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The Bookworm Brigade

What: The Bookworm Brigade
Where: Moonleaf Maginhawa, UP Village
When: June 30, Saturday 11am-4pm

Hello, darlings who also adore books as much as I do. You all are welcome to join us this Saturday for a little get together of book swapping/trading and tea! :) We are also accepting textbooks and other educational books you can donate for a good cause, and books and magazines you wish to sell. Meet and hang out with fellow book lovers, share your favorite reads, and get to bring home new stories!

Bookswap: swap your books, get one in exchange of one
Booktrade: sell your books and magazines. (ceiling price is P100 for each book)
Bookdrive: bring school books you wish to donate. We’re partnering with Global Shapers by Anna Oposa for book donations.
Books free-for-all: books you want to give away

We are also open for suggestions on what we can do on that day. You can tweet us (@Jonver_David, @JonardManilaKid, @veritaserum_) or post on our wall. :)

Official Event Page on Facebook

Thank you and we hope to see you there with your books! :)


  1. This blog is so great! I'm totally love it! :D

    1. This is sweet of you to say. :") Thank you!


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