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I was with my friend Jonver the other night, trying out Jamba Juice for the first time, when a wave of words flooded my head, taking my thoughts away and letting them crash in open shore. In mere seconds I was in another place, writing with a pen and paper, listening to the sound of heavy rain. Of course, this was all in my head. I'm only grateful that Jonver was patient with me, this was, after all, from what he was telling me.

So, Jonver. This is for (about?) you. And, like most of my other writings, this is unfinished.

are a tragedy of nothing

but words and lies, 
of heartache and empty spaces. 
every sane thought 
that haunts me in my head 
tells me that i should run 
from the man of a thousand faces. 
yet i find myself, 
searching for the language 
that my heart doesn’t have. 
so here it is, i stand fearless, 
giving in to love, 
giving in to hope, 
giving in to silence.


Thank you for sending love ♥ :)