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To you, Norma Jeane.

I first came across Marilyn Monroe when I was young and obsessed with quotes. I remember stumbling upon something that she said, which, though I found out years later is a misquote, is still one of my favorite lines to this day, “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and I’d rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”  I was very young, so I didn’t know her story then, I only knew her beautiful face and her name. Marilyn Monroe. As I grew up, I started becoming fond of classics, musicals (my fondness is greatly influenced by my grandfather who made me watch my first classic movie, Somewhere In Time), and I learned more about her. She was an iconic inspiration and after seeing a few of her films, she became one of my favorite actresses, and I found myself wanting to know more about her work, her art, and her pain.

I never knew why most people have some sort of fascination with her, why there is something in her that seems so enthralling, yet I found myself amongst these people. She was everything I hoped to be---talented, lovable, beautiful. She was adored and cherished by many, with her charm and personality and impeccable talent. I’ve never laid my hands on a Marilyn Monroe biography (though I'd really like to, woes of living so very far away, I may as well live in Narnia), but I’ve settled for stories, facts, I think I've also seen some documentaries, and articles online and from magazines in hopes of unraveling more of her story. It was an issue of Vanity Fair wherein I read some of her unearthed writings from her journal that I got a glimpse of her true life. Though they are now just hollow echoes from her past, her words meant so much to me. With words she has showed that she was not only beautiful and talented; she was also a strong woman, she was compassionate and loving, she smiled to the world even when she was struggling, and she loved so many people and things, hopelessly and endlessly. I will never forget how much she has inspired me, even with her mere memory. I never knew her, and I'm sorry that I never did, because to me, she was everything. Her works of art, her talent, her story remains with most of us who adored her, whose lives she has touched and more. Marilyn, I truly hope you're happy. You deserve all the love and happiness the world could give, and I hope that you've found it, that you have it, wherever you may be. Thank you for gracing our lives with true beauty, for making most of us feel loved to this day, for being an angel to many.

Happy Birthday.

Norma Jeane Baker (June 1st 1926 – August 5th 1962)


  1. I love this post!! It has been writing with faith and passion and I think is brilliant.
    You should see the movie "My week with Marilyn, I really like her also and I watched some months ago. Wonderful.

  2. Thank you so much, Laia! :) I have seen My Week with Marilyn and I really liked it, I thought Michelle Williams embodied Marilyn well. The story, however, seems rather far-fetched to me. It was still a good movie to enjoy, nonetheless. :)


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