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So many wonderful things have been happening to me lately, and I don't know if there was some sort of turn around with the way fate has been to me, but I'm incredibly thankful nonetheless. Life, as it seems, has a way of surprising you even at your worst moments. I've learned that in darkness, there's always a crack of light. Oftentimes you may find yourself going through circles, and at times it may be too much, but there is light. Always. And it comes in many forms. You just have to find it, believe in it, and be brave enough to go towards it.

Life-update wise, I'll have all of you know that once again, I was unable to finish my novel for NaNoWriMo. I had the story in my head all year but my fingers have failed me. Isn't it terrible when you can't find the right words to describe exactly what you have in your head? Isn't a person's mind the most terrible place to be? But I digress. Hopefully, I'd get to write down this story before it disappears completely inside of me, and maybe, if I would be brave enough, I'd share it to you.

What else is new? Right now I've started to work, and so far it has been lovely. My long commutes to work everyday give me two hours of alone time with my thoughts and thus, everyday, I share my epiphanies with my friend Kisty. And it is not always a bad thing. I also get to see old architectural buildings and establishments everyday, so (pollution, unbearable heat and traffic aside) it feels like I'm in an old movie. And it's always fun to imagine scenarios happening in these sort of places (maybe I could write another story about it someday). Anyway, that's it for now. I'm writing up another blog post regarding an event my friend Jonver invited me to last week, so that would soon follow. In the mean time, I hope you're having a beautiful week. :)

PS. /currently drowning in my sorrowful woes because of the latest Naruto chapter. Kishimoto is in this world to torture me and my soul, I'm sure of it.
PSS. /sometimes I forget that crying and flailing over fictional characters isn't normal to do in public. PSSS. /I've forgotten that I'm currently in the office.

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