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little china doll

little china doll
sat on a shelf
covered in sheets of dust
with cracks on her skin,
fingers curled in,
never to be seen again.

in a faraway land,
the little china doll
is dressed in lace and gold.
in a peaceful place,
the little china doll
is living adventures
of love and hope.

dearest little doll,
they say don't despair
you still have songs to sing,
so tie your shoes,
and wipe your tears,
look at the magic
the world could bring.
paint that smile,
and curl your hair,
put on that dress of red;
they'll give you roses,
before the door closes,
and place a silver tiara
on your little head.

mad as she is,
she closed her eyes,
and waited for the world to break.
someday, she thinks,
when it all ends,
she would soon fade away.

they breathed her name,
but not her song.
she knew she was doomed to fall.
so when the world stopped,
she was still alone,
the little china doll.

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