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(photo by Jash Manuel)

Hi. I’m Cariza, but you can call me Lily Evans. I was born on an ordinary day in June, and I’d like to think it was raining at that time. I’m 20 now, but sometimes I forget about my age and still think I’m 17. I dream to be a lot of things, including being a top-skilled cupcake baker, but alas, I could only do (and be) so much. So many things I’ve fallen in love with--proses, stories, teacups, satin ribbons, novels, colored pens, polaroids, photographs, the smell of coffee and ink, and all things beautiful, magical, whimsical. I tend to dwell in dreams too often, and sometimes fall in love with places I’ve never been to and random strangers on the bus. I have a dog named Pancakes, and she’s adorable. I love her as much as she loves pushing me off my bed every morning. She is probably the only one who could tolerate my never ending marathons of Doctor Who and NCIS, and contrary to her name, she does not like to eat pancakes.

I like to write about my small adventures and misadventures, of what could’ve beens, of wonderful things I wish were happening to me and of people whose lives seem way more fascinating than mine. However, that doesn’t mean my life is entirely boring. In fact, most of the time, it is quite far from it. Even though I rarely have those life-changing moments you see on movies, my life has always been a roller coaster series of ups and downs. But now I think it’s alright. Somewhere along the way, I’ve learned to like surprises. I like to be grateful that at least something new or different always seems to happen each day. And I always end up writing about it. 
Words rush through me in the most unexpected time and places, so I tend to write everywhere: on notebooks, on napkins, on my arms and wrists. But that’s neither here nor there. I have an unhealthy attachments to fictional characters, they seem to express myself better than I do. I love to read (a lot) and be surrounded by books. As much as I categorize all thoughts in my head, I fail. I have accepted the fact that my brain is only successful in categorizing people into Hogwarts Houses and that if I were sorted, I’d be a Hufflepuff. I guess that’s all you need to learn about me for now. I’d be happy to tell you a bit more about me, but I think I’d have to learn them first myself. I hope you like whatever it is you’ll find in here. :)  

 F I N D  M E  E L S E W H E R E 
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